DHCP problems while connecting with a Wifi AP

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Thu Dec 27 14:00:44 UTC 2018

El día jueves, diciembre 27, 2018 a las 04:42:18a. m. -0800, David Wolfskill escribió:

> You might investigate the use of "synchronous_dhclient" in /etc/rc.conf:
>      synchronous_dhclient
>                  (bool) Set to “YES” to start dhclient(8) synchronously at
>                  startup.  This behavior can be overridden on a per-interface
>                  basis by replacing the “DHCP” keyword in the
>                  ifconfig_⟨interface⟩ variable with “SYNCDHCP” or
>                  “NOSYNCDHCP”.

Thanks, I tested SYNCDHCP for the interface wlan0 in rc.conf. Same

The DHCP requests from the FreeBSD laptop are not visible in the Ubuntu mobile
(and no answer is seen in FreeBSD with tcpdump).

If I switch on my iPhone configured to the same AP, its DHCP request is
seen and answered in the Ubuntu mobile.

How can I proof in FreeBSD that the DHCP request really is sent?


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