audacity WX menu fonts and 4K monitor

Russell L. Carter rcarter at
Wed Dec 26 01:06:46 UTC 2018


I recently moved to a Dell S2817Q at 60Hz monitor and it's almost always
fabulous, but audio/audacity has a problem with the menu fonts being
too large to be functional.  A linux native instance accessed over X
and displayed on FreeBSD is similarly (but not exactly the same)
guilty.  A recent native debian testing audacity display on a lower
res 1920p monitor is workable, but you can see that there are scaling

I see from the audio/audacity/Makefile that it depends on WX, which I
know has a very fine history but I know nothing about configuring it
to correct this particular problem.

So if I could get a hint on where to start, that works on FreeBSD-12,
that would be very appreciated.

Otherwise Ima gonna budget 4 hrs to try to solve it myself and post a
reply to this message.

And if that doesn't work, damn.  I really have to go back to a lower
res monitor in order to rip (FINALLY) my vinyl collection?


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