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On 12/23/18 6:54 AM, Mayuresh Kathe wrote:
> is the newer generation of apple hardware, especially the mac pro, well 
> supported by freebsd?
> my thinkpad had some twisted support for it's hardware, specifically 
> lacked Wifi support and occasionally shutdown or rebooted on it's own 
> and hence had to be sold back to the hardware vendor. since I am in the 
> no-machine state right now, wondered if a monolithic ally well-built 
> hardware like the mac pro be worth it.

Dell's XPS line is similarly built - mechanically that is. I opened one 
of them, and I like what I've seen inside. I would say, with Dell XPS 
(specifically the one that ships with Linux) you will have much less 
chance of surprises than yo may with Macintosh. Still, do your own 
research on specific hardware support under FrrBSD.

Just to mention two things macbook pro:

all hardware is controlled trough software (read about SMC)

latest macbook pro have that bar above keyboard; that one is a part of 
second system - iOS - that runs on its own CPU (arm), and MacOS and iOS 
should be of coherent versions, I've seen trouble when they become not.

All in all, I for one am staying away from Lenovo since the moment they 
shipped laptops with malware preinstalled (do your own search about that 
scandal). I was watching them for a couple of years after Chinese 
company Lenovo bought IBM laptop line, and as they seemed to be OK and 
continuing IBM's tradition, I started recommending them to my users, and 
just at that moment they shipped laptops with malware preinstalled. 
Never ever since I will recommend Lenovo to anyone, not to say get one 
for myself.

I hope, this helps.


> thanks.
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