GELI for Linux?

cpghost cpghost at
Sun Dec 23 11:04:57 UTC 2018


I have a big (slightly over 100 TB) ZFS-Z3 pool on GELI that I need to access
via Linux' ZoL. Unfortunately, it is not feasable to copy it to unencrypted
storage first, because of its size.

So the question is: does an GEOM/GELI implementation exist for Linux? Perhaps
something userland-based (FUSE)?

Alternatively, I'm investigating the approach to run FreeBSD on Linux in a
virtual machine, mount the pool in the VM, and export it via NFS or something
like that. But I'd really prefer to access the pool directly via ZoL for
read performance reasons. Read-only access is all I need (I don't want to risk
corrupting that pool via experimental ZoL code anyway).

Any suggestions? Hints?


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