Process in state zfs->i forever

David Demelier markand at
Sat Dec 22 08:36:37 UTC 2018


I had a new process that is not completing in a ZFS filesystem. I've
tried to copy a directory and it never ended, now I'm unable to do du
-sh on that directory either.

The process is stuck for several minutes even though the directory is
not that big:

95715 root          1  20    0 10540K  2040K zio->i  2   0:02   0.09%

I don't have any tunable regarding ZFS in /boot/loader.conf. The system has 16GB of RAM, I thought it was enough.

It runs FreeBSD 11.2 at the moment. Any help would be appreciated because as a server restarting it almost once a week is not an option.

Disks are fine as smartctl report every morning.



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