Problems with port building

Paul Schmehl paul.schmehl at
Wed Dec 19 22:56:32 UTC 2018

I just upgraded a server from 10.4-RELEASE to 11.0-RELEASE. When attempting 
to portmaster -a, I ran into numerous problems. So, I decided to switch to 
pkg upgrade.

I used pkg lock to lock php56 and apache24, but it doesn't lock 
php56-extensions. Are they already locked because php56 is locked? Or am I 
doing something wrong?

I tried both pkg lock php56-extensions and pkg lock lang/php56-extensions. 
Neither worked.

Also, somehow ImageMagick got uninstalled, which caught me by surprise. 
Does pkg upgrade only upgrade existing ports? Or does it also remove ports 
that it thinks are not needed? (ImageMagick is needed by the UBB forum, but 
the forum is not a port, so there appear to pkg to be no dependencies on 

Paul Schmehl
Independent Researcher

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