can all drivers work after freebsd full installation

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Tue Dec 18 12:09:29 UTC 2018

On 18/12/2018 11:52, Shyaka Rene wrote:
> If i boot from live dvd does it use installed windows as
> intermediate? or it will use BIOS directly as onother OS. the
> computer is 32bit TrueOS work on 64bit only. I use network, VGA,
> finger print, webcam. (I need to change my environment from Windows
> to Freebsd everything). thank you.

The DVD won't use anything to do with your installed copy of Windows. 
FreeBSD is a fully capable OS in its own right.

You said you have an i5 processor?  That should certainly be 64-bit 
capable.  Any mainstream processors Intel has produced in the last ten 
years or so will be 64-bit capable.  Given the choice, use a 64bit OS. 
Like I said -- try it.  The worst that will happen is you'll create some 
useless installation media that you can't boot from.

Network and VGA should work, the webcam could well work but the 
fingerprint reader might be tricky.



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