intel-nvmupdate causes reboot (X710-DA2) - 2.1.0-k compatible?

ixbug at ixbug at
Sun Dec 16 20:25:06 UTC 2018


I'm trying to update my Intel X710-DA2 NIC's firmware to 
6.80 using the intel-nvmupdate package.

I installed the update tool via
pkg install intel-nvmupdate

although the documentation from Intel [1] calls the tool "nvmupdate64e" 
the package ships "nvmupdate" but nvmupdate64e is also included
in the package. Since the message during installation says
nvmupdate should be used I ignored nvmupdate64e.


When I run "nvmupdate" the system reboots:

# nvmupdate 

Intel(R) Ethernet NVM Update Tool
NVMUpdate version
Copyright (C) 2013 - 2018 Intel Corporation.

WARNING: To avoid damage to your device, do not stop the update or reboot or power off the system during this update.
Inventory in progress. Please wait

---> system reboots


dev.ixl.0.fw_version: fw 6.0.48442 api 1.7 nvm 6.01 etid 800035cf oem 1.262.0

Is NVM 6.80 compatible with ixl 2.1.0-k?

kind regards,

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