OpenSSL issue with 12.0

Doug Hardie bc979 at
Fri Dec 14 20:06:20 UTC 2018

If I encrypt a file on 11.1 using aes256:

master# openssl enc -aes256 -in xxx.c -out xxx.enc

Then transfer xxx.enc to 12.0 and try to decrypt it, I get garbage with a couple of what appear to be warnings:

test# openssl enc -d -aes256 -in xxx.enc
enter aes-256-cbc decryption password:
*** WARNING : deprecated key derivation used.
Using -iter or -pbkdf2 would be better.
s??6 at TU?lPD?]+?'RPB????^?"?wHC?^q۸??p5YkZ?t?????/?i????B????#?%?8'??!NAZ`!?m??K^

Is this a bug, or intended behavior?  I find nothing that appears to be related to this in either UPDATING or on the web site.

-- Doug

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