/sbin/dump: instant exit in case of disk full (instead of prompting for next volume)

Matthias Petermann matthias at petermann-it.de
Wed Dec 12 22:02:32 UTC 2018


On 07.12.18 09:28, Polytropon wrote:
> However, you could modify the dump program to exit with a
> specific error code if "disk is full" should be reached.

My first take on that was that I implemented some kind of auto-reply 
switch and modified the query() method in optr.c. Anyway - what I found 
there was already the solution for my root problem that I did not want 
dump to wait for user input while started from cron:

query(const char *question, int defaultreply)
	char	replybuffer[64];
	int	back, errcount;
	FILE	*mytty;

	if ((mytty = fopen(_PATH_TTY, "r")) == NULL)
		quit("fopen on %s fails: %s\n", _PATH_TTY, strerror(errno));

I'm sorry that I did not do this kind of test earlier. If there is no 
controlling terminal, all attempts of dump to interact with the user 
will lead to exit with status code 3. This is enough for me at the 
moment, but I still am in favor of having an explicit return code in 
case the disk is full. When I find some time I will look how this could 
be implemented properly.

Kind regards,

Matthias Petermann <matthias at petermann-it.de> | www.petermann-it.de

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