Forcing port reinstalls without rebuilding over and over again

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Wed Dec 12 18:52:48 UTC 2018

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> Is there a way, using portmaster, to force the rebuild of all ports
> without rebuilding the same ports over and over and over again?
> I've noticed that using portmaster -f forces the rebuild of every
> dependency. I think I've now rebuild perl and python at least 20 or 30
> times. Once should be enough. I guess if you're going to rebuild
> everything, it would be ok to ignore dependencies for ports, since
> they're all going to be rebuilt anyway.
> What's the magic potion for that?

After reading through the man page, I thought that portmaster -Rfd would do 
the trick, but it didn't.

ISTM that, when you're building every port on a box, you shouldn't need to 
build all the dependencies for every port, because they're all going to be 
built anyway. Rebuilding perl (for example) repeatedly, makes no sense at 
all. It would be nice if there were a --force-with-no-dependencies switch 
so that every port could be built once and once only.

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