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On Mon, Dec 10, 2018 at 10:17:05AM +0000, Shyaka Rene via freebsd-questions wrote:
> hello, I don't have experience with freebsd or system administration, but i need your advice
> suppose I have this scenario with 2 computers
> 1) server (not big just 8GB RAM) machine with virtualbox or openstack installed with any OS
>     - virtual machine 1 for java development with eclipse installed
>     - virtual machine 2 for php development with eclipse
>     - virtual machine 3 for testing anything
> all these virtual machines have graphical user interface installed (windows or gnome any OS)
> 2) client machine for accessing virtual machines using remote desktop or VNC client.
> my problem is
> Is it possible to change this senario to Freebsd and jails with x11server installed on jails
> and access them using x11client?
> 1) server machine (freebsd)
>     - jail 1 (x11 server)
>     - jail 2 (x11 server)
>     - jail 3 (x11 server)
> 2) client machine (access jails with xclient)
> thank you for your advice

I suggest you install some VNC server inside the jails and then connect
with VNC viewer from the host.

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