frebsd jails advice

Shyaka Rene reneka10 at
Mon Dec 10 10:17:17 UTC 2018

hello, I don't have experience with freebsd or system administration, but i need your advice

suppose I have this scenario with 2 computers

1) server (not big just 8GB RAM) machine with virtualbox or openstack installed with any OS
    - virtual machine 1 for java development with eclipse installed
    - virtual machine 2 for php development with eclipse
    - virtual machine 3 for testing anything
all these virtual machines have graphical user interface installed (windows or gnome any OS)
2) client machine for accessing virtual machines using remote desktop or VNC client.

my problem is
Is it possible to change this senario to Freebsd and jails with x11server installed on jails
and access them using x11client?
1) server machine (freebsd)
    - jail 1 (x11 server)
    - jail 2 (x11 server)
    - jail 3 (x11 server)
2) client machine (access jails with xclient)
thank you for your advice

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