Change IPFW default to allow

Ernie Luzar luzar722 at
Sun Dec 9 18:58:20 UTC 2018

Michael Sierchio wrote:
> sysctl net.inet.ip.fw.default_to_accept=1
> On Sun, Dec 9, 2018 at 10:08 AM Ernie Luzar <luzar722 at> wrote:
>> Is there a sysctl nib to reset the ipfw default from deny all to allow
>> all? Some thing that works without rebooting the system.

  sysctl net.inet.ip.fw.default_to_accept=1 doesn't work.
unknown oid

I believe that has to go in loader.conf and reboot the system to enable.

MY problem is with ipf on host and ipfw in a vnet jail. Once kldload for 
ipfw is completed it now impacts the host by blocking all traffic before 
host ipf firewall gets the traffic. Putting pass all rules in vnet jail 
ipfw only effects the vnet jail not the host.

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