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On 12/5/18 4:29 PM, Paul Schmehl wrote:
> I manage a couple of servers on the internet. There are no backup or 
> test servers, so I have to do everything on live systems that are 
> serving webpages, handling mail, etc.
> Historically, I've used rsync and ssh to backup server1 to server2 and 
> vice versa. I decided I would prefer an offsite backup system in case 
> both servers failed at the same time, and because server2 was running 
> out of space because of backups.

I used bacula for quite long, and recently I'm gradually switching to 
bacula's fork: bareos. I really recommend bareos (or bacula), it is real 
backup, open source, enterprise level quality, etc... And yes, I did 
have to recover stuff, including versions on particular date etc.

I hope, this helps.


> So, I setup some scripts to create gzipped tarballs and transfer those 
> to my Dropbox account. (I have plenty of space there.) I run the scripts 
> daily, and the files are named with the date of the backup (e.g. 
> 120518.websites.tgz)
> On the webserver, I'm backing up /usr/local/www, /etc, and 
> /usr/local/etc. I've also created a backup directory in my home 
> directory where I put copies of all the scripts I run, plus a text file 
> of crontab and a few other things. I then zipped that and copied it to 
> Dropbox as well. I don't have a script for it, because those things 
> don't change that often.
> Am I missing anything important? I tested untarring one of the tarballs 
> into my home directory, and if I understand it correctly, I would need 
> to untar these in / if I ever need to restore anything.
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