Fresh Installation Of FreeBSD 11.2--Mate Not Working Properly

B J va6bmj at
Wed Dec 5 05:19:09 UTC 2018


>> In other words, I did nearly everything right this past weekend based
>> on what worked before.  But there might have been some extra things
>> that needed to be done and that's what I missed.
> Correct.


I found the following after an Internet search:

I installed my system directly onto the hard drive, so I didn't use
VirtualBox.  In addition, it appears that bash was installed already.

Others than that, my installation was much the same as those two
examples.  I didn't add anything for things like a printer.

I still don't get the full default Mate desktop as there are no icons
for the computer, my home directory, or, for that matter, Trash.  i
remain baffled.


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