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> Paul,
> first, you show 'df' output of "/", whereas later on you only work with
> "/root" - there's probably other stuff in "/" that's not in "/root" -
> /etc comes to mind, /sbin ... 

That's helpful. When I run ls on / I get this:

 ls / .cshrc	 COPYRIGHT cdrom dist home media rescue sys	 var .profile bin 
compat entropy lib mnt root tmp .snap boot dev etc libexec proc sbin usr

Since I have separate partitions for /var, /tmp, and /usr, that would mean 
everything not included under those would be part of the / partition?

I'm not sure I understand entropy. Using file, I can see that /home and 
/compat are symlinks, but what is entropy? File says it's data.

If I use find to get the directories directly under root, it returns this:

# find / -type d -maxdepth 1

So, I can eliminate /tmp, /usr, and /var, and the rest is in the root 
partition, correct?

It seems the most disk consumption is in /boot/

# du -h /boot/
 28K	/boot/defaults
2.0K	/boot/firmware
497M	/boot/kernel
2.0K	/boot/modules
2.0K	/boot/zfs
2.0K	/boot/dtb
 91M	/boot/kernel.old
591M	/boot/

I can remove /boot/kernel.old, right? (I'm not sure I will. Just asking.)

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