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Paul Schmehl pschmehl_lists at
Tue Dec 4 08:31:52 UTC 2018

When I use df -h, I get this:

/dev/da0s1a    989M    627M    283M    69%    /

When I use du -h /root, I get this:

# du -h /root
4.0K	/root/.ssh
2.0K	/root/.subversion/auth/svn.simple
2.0K	/root/.subversion/auth/svn.username
2.0K	/root/.subversion/auth/svn.ssl.server
2.0K	/root/.subversion/auth/svn.ssl.client-passphrase
 10K	/root/.subversion/auth
 34K	/root/.subversion
4.0K	/root/.links
 72K	/root/.fop
2.0K	/root/jwplayer
 10K	/root/.linkchecker
 48K	/root/.java/fonts/1.7.0_80
 48K	/root/.java/fonts/1.7.0_95
 48K	/root/.java/fonts/1.7.0_111
 48K	/root/.java/fonts/1.7.0_141
 94K	/root/.java/fonts/1.7.0_151
288K	/root/.java/fonts
290K	/root/.java
1.0M	/root

When I use ls -lsah /root, I get a completely different list of files.

But neither of these utilities show 627M used in root. Why can't I see 
what's using all this space in root? Am I using the wrong utilities to view 
the files? Is it something else?

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