new hard drive

Erich Dollansky freebsd.ed.lists at
Sat Dec 1 08:03:43 UTC 2018


> Hi!
> I asked long ago about hard drives and I decided and order the new WD
> black 1TB for my iMac 11,1 where I have installed FreeBSD from version
> 6?.
> I decided to change HD by myself but the problem is (which I didn't
> solved yet) how to put operating system on. First I hope that I can
> just put FreeBSD CD in and install like on PC but I heard that doesn't
> work. 
> Does anyone know a trick how should I solved the problem, please.
> Now I have OS X (Mountain Lion) on and I use rEFIt as boot manager.

I place new disk either in a normal PC or an case with USB connection,
format it there, give it labels, mount the partitions via the labels
and copy every thing onto the new disk I require there.

Of course, I adjust the /etc/fstab so that it mounts the disk later via
the labels.


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