How to set the recording volume for a CM108B USB adapter

Per Gunnarsson p.gunnarsson at
Fri Aug 24 20:25:00 UTC 2018


I am trying to set the recording volume for a CM108B adapter.

When I check with mixer, it seems stuck on the value 45.

I have tried setting the recording volume with sysctl too, without luck.

sysctl -a | grep dev.pcm.3 gives me this:

dev.pcm.3.feedback_rate: 0
dev.pcm.3.mixer.mute_4.max: 1
dev.pcm.3.mixer.mute_4.min: 0
dev.pcm.3.mixer.mute_4.val: 0
dev.pcm.3.mixer.vol_3.max: 6096
dev.pcm.3.mixer.vol_3.min: 0
dev.pcm.3.mixer.vol_3.val: 6096
dev.pcm.3.mixer.agc_2.max: 1
dev.pcm.3.mixer.agc_2.min: 0
dev.pcm.3.mixer.agc_2.val: 0
dev.pcm.3.mixer.mute_1.desc: USB PnP Sound Device
dev.pcm.3.mixer.mute_1.max: 1
dev.pcm.3.mixer.mute_1.min: 0
dev.pcm.3.mixer.mute_1.val: 0
dev.pcm.3.mixer.vol_0_1.desc: USB PnP Sound Device
dev.pcm.3.mixer.vol_0_1.max: -16
dev.pcm.3.mixer.vol_0_1.min: -7264
dev.pcm.3.mixer.vol_0_1.val: -1836
dev.pcm.3.mixer.vol_0_0.desc: USB PnP Sound Device
dev.pcm.3.mixer.vol_0_0.max: -16
dev.pcm.3.mixer.vol_0_0.min: -7264
dev.pcm.3.mixer.vol_0_0.val: -1836
dev.pcm.3.bitperfect: 0
dev.pcm.3.buffersize: 0
dev.pcm.3.rec.vchanformat: s16le:2.0
dev.pcm.3.rec.vchanrate: 48000
dev.pcm.3.rec.vchanmode: fixed
dev.pcm.3.rec.vchans: 1 s16le:2.0 48000 fixed 1
dev.pcm.3.hwvol_mixer: vol
dev.pcm.3.hwvol_step: 5
dev.pcm.3.%parent: uaudio0
dev.pcm.3.%driver: pcm
dev.pcm.3.%desc: USB audio

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