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On Sun, 19 Aug 2018 20:49:19 +0000, Arturo Rafael Ramírez Briceño wrote:
> In the context of "preventing the nodes of the same lan from being
> seen" is to say that files, printers, and other resources can not
> be shared on the network; but nevertheless, through the server, each
> node can access the internet. If possible, how can I do it?

This doesn't really look like a task for a firewall, but
instead I'd suggest to take a close look at resource
management at the individual nodes. Simply don't enable
the sharing ability for resources (like file access or
printer access): If a node doesn't allow access to its
files and printer, no other node can access it. On FreBSD,
the system default settings do not offer any resource
access, so if your nodes are FreeBSD computers, there
is nothing you need to do.

Access to the Internet through a server is easy. FreeBSD's
IPFW firewall for example can be used here, in combination
with NAT - which, by the way, is a quite typical setting.
Additionally, such servers often add a 3rd thing to the
mix: a DHCP server (for example isc-dhcpd). The advantage
here is that all configuration can be done in "O(1) manner"
on the server, like DHCP configuration, fixed or dynamically
allocated addresses, Internet access permissions per node,
if desired, or central resource sharing, like one printer
that everyone can use. This approach is superior to the
common "O(n) manner" where the amount of work is equivalent
to the number of nodes in the network - more computers,
more work.

The information to implement the firewall-side for such
a setting can be found in the FreeBSD Handbook:


There is more interesting information in this forum thread:


Instead of stupid copypasta, it really helps to make a
short list (with pen and paper) where you draw and describe
your desired network layout, permissions to access the
Internet, and resource sharing. From this point, create
your configuration settings (for rc.conf, ipfw.rules, and
if desired, for dhcpd.conf). Always remember that a firewall
(and servers in general, but node PCs as well) belong to
the realm of thinking about security. :-)

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