xrdp configuration and xfce4

Koichiro IWAO meta at vmeta.jp
Thu Aug 16 05:59:08 UTC 2018

> Thank YOU, Iwao-san, for your help with this.
> The behavior is exactly as you described, but only if we replace the
> startwm.sh script supplied with the pkg with the two-line version you
> suggested:
> #!/bin/sh
> startxfce4
> The startwm.sh script supplied with the package has three different
> cases for Linux distributions (lines 66-88) but nothing for xfce4 on
> FreeBSD.
> Thanks again for your help with the startup issue, and in advance for
> pointers on debugging the clipboard issue.

Then, your issue is identical to a bug some other people already
reported. Please be patient until we fix the bug.  For the moment,
specifying DefaultWindowManager by full path might be a workaround.

And one more, xrdp pkg/ports installs startwm.sh but it is an example
for Linux. You're supposed to create your own startwm.sh that fits your
environment and need. It is unkind but I suppose FreeBSD users are more
skilled than ordinary GNU/Linux users.

Regarding the clipboard issue, I will send you another post later.

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