Suggestion on some programs or libraries that could be included in FreeBSD base OS

Patrick Dung patrick_dkt at
Sun Aug 12 14:39:50 UTC 2018

I understand that the base system should be keep small.
I had some programs or libraries in mind that they may be integrated into the base OS.
Let's discuss.

1) SASL and GSSAPI support
Sendmail and Heimdal (a Kerberos implementation) are already in base.But since SASL is not in base, these programs do not have SASL support.
Looks like the Cryus-SASL license a BSD like license.
If SASL is included in base, then it would save time for installing or rebuilding Sendmail / Heimdal from ports for SASL/LDAP (see below) support.

2) LDAP client/library supportThere are several LDAP client library like:a) OpenBSD ldap server/clientb) Mozilla C-SDK LDAP ( like it's multi licensed MPL 1.1/GPL.c) OpenLDAP ( like a BSD like license.
3) If the LDAP client / library is in base, then possibly name service switch and/or PAM with LDAP support could also be developed or included.
I hope I am not asking for too much. Since most of the above programs can be installed from ports.
Finally, I am not a lawyer.  Individual licenses should be read and proper legal counsel should be consulted as needed.


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