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Fri Aug 10 15:11:07 UTC 2018

On Fri, 10 Aug 2018 16:35:44 +0200
Gerhard Schmidt <estartu at> wrote:

> Am 09.08.2018 um 13:41 schrieb Steve O'Hara-Smith:

> > 	Given that 11 will last five years and it is likely that
> > 11.<last> will come out well within that period I would say than
> > N.<last> is as LTS as it gets.
> No it's not because you have to do minor updates roughly every year.

	s/it/FeeBSD/ in the last line to get my meaning.

> LTS means that you don't have to do all the testing before installing
> updates because there should no changes in features or how the system

	Critical word that, not one I tend to trust to be honest.

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