Last texmacs (1.99.7) build process is now FreeBSD Compatible

Denis RAUX denis.raux at
Fri Aug 10 09:52:18 UTC 2018

I name is Denis Raux, I work in the TeXmacs team. Last month, I made lot of work on configuration and make files in order to get the building process more « friendly ».
I did some final adjustments yesterday to make TeXmacs build FreeBSD compatible. All what TeXmacs needs (guile1.8, Qt4, limping) is offered by FreeBSD, what makes the build quite easier.
If you have any questions regarding TeXmacs and FreeBSD, don’t hesitate to contact me (raux at or Joris van der Hoeven (vdhoeven at
Some of our users are fond of FreeBSD and they struggle with texmacs building.

Best Regards,
Denis Raux

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