xrdp configuration and xfce4

Koichiro IWAO meta at vmeta.jp
Thu Aug 9 23:31:21 UTC 2018

>> Again, in xrdp context, ~/.xinitrc or ~/.xsession doesn't affect. 
>> Forget
>> it and
>> see /usr/local/etc/xrdp/startwm.sh or ~/startwm.sh.
> Partial success! xfce4 now starts automatically with a local startwm.sh
> file.

Which did you try? ~/startwm.sh? If you got success with ~/startwm.sh,
there might be a bug of xrdp. Some people reported similar issue to 

Let me break down the issue and help us improve xrdp before looking at 
clipboard issue.

1. remove ~/startwm.sh
2. confirm /usr/local/etc/xrdp/startwm.sh starts startxfce4
3. login via xrdp
4. you'll see xterm
5. see /var/log/xrdp-sesman.log
6. you'll see the log like this

[20180710-23:08:24] [CORE ] waiting for window manager (pid 41266) to 
[20180710-23:08:24] [CORE ] error starting default wm for user meta - 
pid 41266
[20180710-23:08:25] [DEBUG] errno: 2, description: No such file or 
[20180710-23:08:25] [DEBUG] execlp3 parameter list:
[20180710-23:08:25] [DEBUG]         argv[0] = startwm.sh
[20180710-23:08:25] [DEBUG]         argv[1] = startwm.sh

If you see the log like this, xrdp is failing to find 
If you specify the full path to startwm.sh in sesman.ini, it should 
work. Try it.
Don't forget to restart xrdp-sesman after you edited sesman.ini.


Thank you for your cooperation.

`whois vmeta.jp | nkf -w`
meta <meta at vmeta.jp>

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