Userland and kernel mismatch

Robert Fitzpatrick robert at
Thu Aug 9 12:47:04 UTC 2018

I'm not sure how I messed up one server of mine, but hope someone can 
suggest how it can be fixed. When I try to run pkg, I get this error:

root at mx2:~ # pkg update
/lib/ version FBSD_1.4 required by /usr/local/lib/ 
not found

It seems my userland is out of sync with the kernel:

root at mx2:~ # freebsd-version -uk
root at mx2:~ # freebsd-update fetch
root at mx2:~ # uname -U
root at mx2:~ # uname -K

I've found posts suggesting how to correct the reverse of an older 
kernel, but how could I fix this issue?


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