No Extended Support Version right now?

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Thu Aug 9 07:48:31 UTC 2018

On 8/9/18 7:30 AM, Gerhard Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,

First off, I'm not speaking for FreeBSD officially; this is just my 
interpretation of the content of

> is there realy no version of FreeBSD with support longer than 3 Month
> right now.

How do you came to that conclusion?
11.2 will be supported until three month later than the date 11.3 is 
So far 11.3 release has not been announced, so that's vague.

However 12.0 is expected to come out in November; let's assume 11.3 
comes out immediately after, that would mean 11.2 would be supported 
until February, so that's 6 month.
This schedule is however very unlikely, so I guess it's safe to assume a 
much longer period.

> No Extended Support release for FreeBSD 11 has been announced yet.
> FreeBSD 11.1 support will end in 2 Month.
> Will 11.2 be an extended support Release or maybe 11.1

Unfortunately it seems "extended support" is gone, so no further release 
(11.x or whatever) will be such.

> This i not a good situation to sell FreeBSD as a professional
> alternative to Linux or Windows to my bosses.

While I agree with you, there's been much discussion about this and I 
don't think repeating it over and over would be useful.


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