No Extended Support Version right now?

Gerhard Schmidt estartu at
Thu Aug 9 05:30:49 UTC 2018


is there realy no version of FreeBSD with support longer than 3 Month
right now.

I'm running FreeBSD on quite a lot servers. I don't want to go through
updating every x Month. So in the past I stick with the Extended Support
Releases. But support for 10.3 ended 2 Month ago. 10.4 support will end
in 3 Month.

No Extended Support release for FreeBSD 11 has been announced yet.
FreeBSD 11.1 support will end in 2 Month.

Will 11.2 be an extended support Release or maybe 11.1

This i not a good situation to sell FreeBSD as a professional
alternative to Linux or Windows to my bosses.


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