xrdp configuration and xfce4

David Newman dnewman at networktest.com
Tue Aug 7 23:29:27 UTC 2018

In search of a working xrdp configuration to get connected from a Mac
running the Microsoft RDP client to a FreeBSD 11.2 machine running xfce4.

This worked fine until May, when a package upgrade from 0.6.x to 0.9.x
broke a working config.

Since then, startxfce4 doesn't run automatically, and copy-paste stopped
working even though it's enabled in xrdp.ini. Worse, I didn't make
backups of the old configs before running the pkg upgrade.

I've examined the xrdp.ini and startwm.sh scripts but don't know what to
change for FreeBSD. In particular, startwm.sh script is oriented toward
Linux distros, and I don't know what changes to make for FreeBSD.

The freebsd-questions archive and searches for xrdp-on-Freebsd
configuration information didn't help, and I don't know enough about X
to get this working from the man pages.

Thanks in advance for configuration clues and/or working configs.


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