Erase memory on shutdown

thor thor at
Mon Aug 6 01:53:09 UTC 2018

For any level of physical protection there is an adversary that could 
breach it. So the first stage of protection is physical one, the second 
is the breach detection that initiates clean shutdown. Problem is to 
erase everything on this shutdown.

Or maybe I should start a reboot that hangs on "Enter passphrase for 
/dev/ada0p3.eli" and erases the memory in the process?

On 08/06/18 08:10, Valeri Galtsev wrote:
> Please, correct me if I am wrong in the following:
> If the attacker yanks off the power cord, then cold boots off his media,
> your defense/erasure of memory does not protect you against this attack.
> Right? Your defense only helps if the attacker does clean shutdown. Right?

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