Restoring bootcode

Robert Fitzpatrick robert at
Mon Apr 30 16:28:49 UTC 2018

Polytropon wrote:
> As this seems to be a MBR setup, the commands should probably be:
> 	# gpart bootcode -b /boot/mbr ada0
> 	# gpart set -a active -i 1 ada0
> 	# gpart bootcode -b /boot/boot ada0s1

Didn't work, I failed to post the messages received before kicking out 
to the OK loader prompt. I'm seeing this...

can't open 'boot/menu.4th': no such file or directory
Error while including /boot/menu.rc, in the line:
include /boot/menu.4th
can't load 'kernel'

I can see that menu.4th is not in the /boot directory. I do see the 
below in my menu.rc, all of the files are present in /boot except the 
menu.4th and menu-commands.4th. The only file in the /boot folder 
starting with menu is the menu.rc.

\ Load required Forth modules
include /boot/version.4th
include /boot/brand.4th
include /boot/menu.4th
include /boot/menu-commands.4th
include /boot/shortcuts.4th


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