Dual Boot with GRUB next to GNU/Linux "Debian"

sj126 at uranus.uni-freiburg.de sj126 at uranus.uni-freiburg.de
Sun Apr 29 07:38:08 UTC 2018

Thanks for the fast reply :-)
Just to get it unambiguous: Is the "FreeBSD pre-partition" an unallocated space
or an empty partition, which is unmounted or ... ?
Btw, does the unallocated space physically need to be at a stretch? (How) Does
the partition manager arrange the physical position of partitions?

As (nearly) always in the world of Free Software, I can (successfully) use
whichever partition manager I want for this, can't I? Or is efibootmgr more
suitable for this task?
> Hi,
> If you use UEFI, you can do it automatically and almost without
> touching your current partitions. Just create new empty partition and
> let FreeBSD installer use that partition to automatically divide it
> into smaller ones (new EFI partition, root partition and swap). Then
> in Linux add new boot entry with efibootmgr so that you can boot into
> FreeBSD through UEFI boot menu.

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