Dual Boot with GRUB next to GNU/Linux "Debian"

Schreck Julian schreck.julian at uranus.uni-freiburg.de
Sat Apr 28 19:36:22 UTC 2018

Hello there,
I've been using Linux since 2013 in some flavours. Now, I'd like to install a
different OS, which is also (or at least more) in the "spirit" of Free
For not being ruined for some time if I don't get along with *BSD (or FreeBSD,
indeed), I need to keep my current system untouched.

Is there an automatic install -- sorry if I insult the community with that way
of thinking, I'm new :-) -- to "just" add FreeBSD to my current hard disk with
dual boot?

Kind regards,
 Julian Schreck

PS: Is there some *BSD user group or something in sothwest Germany?

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