audiophile sound on FreeBSD ?

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> Comparing the same album from different sources is tricky for several
> reasons, already if you compare two LPs played by the same record
> player or two CDs by played by the same CD player. Two LPs or CDs from
> different editions done in the same year, without any remastering,
> could sound different, caused by fabrication issues. Two LPs or two CDs
> from different years could differ by e.g. reduced dynamic, caused by a
> remastering with an insane amount of compression, to increase the
> impression of loudness, it's known as the loudness war. The peaks might
> have the same level, while passages with lower levels might get higher
> levels, so there is less difference between a silent passage and a loud
> passage of a recording. There are many other known issues, especially
> if something was released as a record first and years later was
> released as a CD. Theoretically a CD could sound better than a record,
> but indeed, often records sound much better. Let alone that a very old
> record might suffer from disgusting scratches, but still could be
> played, while a very old CD might suffer from fatal data loss, so
> playing the CD might be impossible and even recovering of the still
> available data and burning the recovered data to a new CD might lead to
> nothing.
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Hardly anything recorded in a studio the past 20 years (30?) is over
48KHz. The actual master digital recordings are not hi definition. You
can find modern classical music recordings with higher resolution. But
there are also great recordings that were originally analog (like up
until the 1990's) and digitized at 96/192 and you (well at least I)
can tell the difference.

(But there are also people who claim there is no difference in
shooting JPEG format photos compared to shooting RAW, they claim they
cannot see any difference when it's quite obvious there's more detail
in RAW)

If you want 96/192 on a pci card you'd need something several years
old, verify the chipset and use OSS on FreeBSD.

There are a couple good USB audio devices that do 96/192. I do not
think you can get 96/192 out of any "Creative" device on FreeBSD.

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