mount_smbfs question (re-post)

Mario Lobo mlobo at
Wed Sep 27 13:11:33 UTC 2017

Please forgive my repost.

I've searching for an answer to this for quite a while and 
the only 2 most recent links I found on the subject were:

and they both say basically this:

"mount_smbfs only supports SMBv1 which may be disabled on your 
sharing machines due to the WannaCry outbreak. There are no definite 
plans to add support for SMBv2 or SMBv3 to mount_smbfs."


"I cannot turn on SMBv1 for the handful of systems because the OS 
hasn't updated to work with something that has been out for over 
10 years. While NFS might be an easier route in the "now", it is 
the principle of the matter. Who knows what other common features 
in the future will just get left behind because they aren't updated 
for integration. I do get that BSD is community ran and funded. 
SMBv1 has been around since 1990 and SMBv2 came out 11 years ago in
2006. Linux has moved ahead and kept up with their security. It makes
me sad that BSD hasn't made any movement to keep up with SMB security

Since my environment is tottaly surrounded with shares that no longer
accept SMBv1 (Windows, Linux AND FreeBSD servers), so basically in the
end, what I'm really looking for is a confirmation that I'll just have
to dump all Freebsd samba clients because the OS can't deal with SMBv2
or above.


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