Future of SAMBA on FreeBSD

Timur I. Bakeyev timur at freebsd.org
Sat Sep 23 08:44:59 UTC 2017

Hi all!

Sorry I didn't reply to this thread before, there are too many public
channels where Samba and FreeBSD are both discussed, so it's almost
impossible to follow all of them. If you want to get the definite answer -
please add me to the CC list.

Problems with the DC provisioning are around for quite a while, due to
various configurations as well as because both samba and FreeBSD are moving
targets and code is changing rapidly in both upstreams.

The particular raised problem is created by the "fix" in the
which, possibly, made things work better with the MacOSX, but entirely
broke DC provisioning in Samba 4.6 on FreeBSD.

I'm working on the appropriate fix for this problem, which would allow
having both DC provisioning and Time Machine working properly on FreeBSD,
but as such fix, possibly, will affect the way how particular extended
attributes are stored on a file system, I feel it's not safe to bring such
changes into 4.6 branch and targeting just released 4.7 for it.

There is another long standing issue with the DC provisioning onto ZFS-only
installations, where you had to create special volume with the UFS to get
things work properly. This issue was fixed by John Hixon from the iXsystems
Inc. in the custom version of Samba on the FreeNAS/TrueNAS and from the
kind permission of the iXsystems this work will be ported into the FreeBSD

With best regards,
Timur Bakeyev,
sponsored by iXsystems Inc.

On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 10:02 AM, Andrea Venturoli <ml at netfence.it> wrote:

> On 09/17/17 23:18, Adam Vande More wrote:
> What?  It doesn't seem like you have a good enough understanding to make a
>> claim like that.  It is quite clear that bug is relavant only to jailed
>> instances of samba, and VFS related perms.  Your current was already
>> explained to you once, and you've been reminded of it.
> Sorry to step in like this, but I find the original question quite
> interesting.
> Since we are using jailed Samba 4.4 instances, I'd be very worried if this
> setup would lose support in the future.
> Is there any plan to allow Samba to properly work in a jail?
>  bye & Thanks
>         av.
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