FreeBSD Bridging doesn't work on FreeBSD 11

Alexey Dokuchaev danfe at
Thu Sep 21 14:03:45 UTC 2017

On Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 08:01:09AM +0200, Gerhard Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Gerhard,

> I'm doing some packet filtering between two network segments. I've a
> running bridge on FreeBSD 8.2
> cloned_interfaces="bridge0"
> autobridge_interfaces="bridge0"
> autobridge_bridge0="fxp0 fxp1"
> ifconfig_bridge0="inet up"
> ifconfig_fxp0="up"
> ifconfig_fxp1="up"
> this one running for years without a hitch. But it's quite old so I'm
> building a replacement on FreeBSD 11.1 [and now] new bridge starting
> up does bridge the traffic but the bridge server can't communicate.

I don't have a precise answer to your question, but certain network
features had been broken in FreeBSD 11+, including bridging [1] and
LAGG [2].  You might want to try 10.4 for the time being as there's
currently low interest in fixing those regressions, unfortunately.



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