how to fix " unable to print , broken pipe ! " when passing through CUPS protocol after successfully adding printers in vmware.

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Tue Sep 19 09:01:40 UTC 2017

On 19/09/2017 09:40, manash pal wrote:
> I am very new to FreeBSD, after stuyding at google and youtube, I have
> started to wipe out some embarrassment to go through this unix like os.
> however, after succussfully adding my printer through cups , I tried to
> proceed printing of a pdf document. but , got a repeated reply " UNABLE
> TO PRINT DOCUMENT, BROKEN PIPE ! " what does it mean ? and how to solve
> this problem ? pls, let me know.

'Broken pipe' is a pretty generic error that you'll come across fairly
regularly as you learn more about BSD and Unixoid OSes in general.

Pipelines are a fundamental concept in Unix -- essentially it's taking
the output of one process and feeding it into the input of another.  You
frequently see it in the unix shell with constructs like:

  % grep foo /var/log/all.log | sed -e 's/foo/bar/'

which finds all the lines in /var/log/all.log containing the string
'foo', and passes that output to a process which substitutes the string
'bar' for 'foo' and prints the result on the console.  There are other
ways of creating pipelines than this.

All that 'broken pipe' means is that the first process ('grep' in the
example above) is trying to write into a pipeline, but the second
process ('sed' in the example) that is meant to read from the pipeline
has gone away.

That's what your error means, but it isn't very helpful in sorting out
your printing.  What you should do is examine any logfiles cups
generates -- you may need to fiddle with settings that cups uses to turn
up the logging level -- and see if there's anything more informative
there.  I assume you do know about the CUPS built-in web console on
http://localhost:631/ ?  You should be able to find logfiles etc. by
plunking around in that interface.



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