how to install " Epson L 380 Printer " and " Hp Deskjet 1515 in Free BSD?

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at
Mon Sep 18 07:48:21 UTC 2017

from Manish Jain:

> On 09/17/17 22:41, manash pal wrote:
> > kindly let me know the steps regarding installing of these two printers 
> > in my system ... I googled the matter , but did not find any suitable 
> > demonstration .......

> I don't know about Epson for sure, but HP should be easy.

> Install cups and cups-pdf : pkg install cups cups-pdf

> Build hplip from ports :

> cd /usr/ports/print/hplip
> #if you don't have /usr/ports, run : portsnap fetch extract

> make config	# choose to build with qt4, not qt5
> #hplip-qt5 currently omits the sip module - big problem

> make install clean

> You should be able to run Epson under cups and HP via hplip.

> The CUPS web interface is : http://localhost:631/admin

> Before you try accessing CUPS interface, put this in /etc/rc.conf and 
> reboot :

> cupsd_enable=YES

> To set up HP printer, run hp-setup (as normal user)

> If your printer is visible to root and not visible to the normal user, 
> you likely have a permissions problem. Run usbconfig as root to find out 
> the ugen ID of the HP printer (I presume this is a USB printer). Let's 
> say it is ugen2.3

> Put the following in /etc/devfs.conf :

> perm usb/2.3.0 0664

> Then run : /etc/rc.d/devfs restart
I recently built up a system (FreeBSD 11.1-STABLE amd64) using synth, included hplip, went with qt5, have not tested this yet.

Previous experience with qt4 was not favorable; printing worked most of the time with a PPD from foo2zjs (both NetBSD and FreeBSD).

I have never been successful with USB, only Ethernet (no wireless connection).

Printer is HP LaserJet  M1212nf MFP.

It seems to me the USB address would vary because of plugging and unplugging USB devices, and turning off the printer when not in use.

Then I suppose you would have to rerun 
perm usb/whatever 0664  and
/etc/rc.d/devfs restart
every time?

Keeping a printer on all the time, especially a laser printer, is wasteful of electricity.


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