Curious pkg upgrade behavior

Scott Ballantyne sdb at
Sat Sep 16 12:24:38 UTC 2017

On a 10.3-RELEASE-p11 system here. I have been moving to pkg for
upgrades, and today tried a pkg upgrade, which upgraded several of the
ports. After this, Samba failed with an internal error. I'm running
Samba4, but this specific error seems to have been reported only with
versions of Samba36.

After much head scratching, I noticed that pkg had actually not
upgraded Samba. So I tried running pkg upgrade again, which now
dutifully upgraded Samba and solved my problem.

I was surprised by this. Not sure if this was my problem, a bug in
pkg, or just some mysterious phase of the moon situation.

I would have thought pkg could have issued a message if it needed to
be run again?

Any insight?

sdb at

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