Installing ICU ports on freebsd 11.0

Jan Beich jbeich at
Tue Sep 12 16:59:32 UTC 2017

Edwin Ancaer <eancaer at> writes:

> I installed GNUstep on Freebsd 11.0, and I seem to be having a problem
> with the localization methods for Dates and Times in GNUstep. While
> everything seems to be OK when calling these methods, the results are
> wrong.

Do you have a sample code or steps to reproduce? Maybe file a bug, so
maintainer can help filter out GNUstep-specific issues.

> Apparently, the library  /usr/local/lib/ should be
> several megabytes, while I find it is only 1.1K.

devel/icu is built --with-data-packaging=archive which means the data
ends up in icudt* file e.g.,

$ pkg info -l icu | fgrep icudt | xargs du -Ah
 25M    /usr/local/share/icu/59.1/icudt59l.dat

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