Restoring sc console look and feel with vt

Mikhail Goriachev mikhailg at
Fri Sep 8 19:06:06 UTC 2017

On 08/09/2017 15:39, Matt Smith wrote:
> On Sep 08 11:43, Warren Block wrote:
>> On Tue, 5 Sep 2017, Polytropon wrote:
>>>> For the former, removing the previous advice from loader.conf would be the
>>>> first step.  Then you should be able to find an acceptable setting
>>>> experimenting with vidcontrol eg resolution/fonts.
>>> With vidcontrol, I only get error messages. I think it ie tied
>>> to sc? I also have no idea what font names to try...
>> Yes, it depends on VESA support by the video card.
>> Instead, try the "gop" command in the loader to list and set modes.
> It seems a shame that there are so many different ways of setting the 
> modes or resolutions. I have been using FreeBSD for 20 years and I don't 
> even really understand how we should be doing this.
> I understand that vt is new but we should be presenting a single way of 
> configuring it correctly to our new users. Currently it leads to 
> confusion and inconsistency.


Mikhail Goriachev

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