mirror having issues?

Ryan Steinmetz zi at
Sat Sep 2 21:20:11 UTC 2017

> As a new FreeBSD user I wonder if it is a frequent problem. I am 
> suddenly experiencing very slow access to the local mirrors of 
> Even a small file takes almost a minute. Updating 
> FreeBSD repository catalogue (when using pkg) takes about 5-6 minutes. I 
> have tried using several different machines from different IPs, all 
> within AWS eu-west (Ireland). It was working well all week.
> The local mirror seems to resolve to 
> ( at the moment. Pingtime is not bad, 9ms, but their 
> server takes almost a minute before it starts serving files. Once the 
> file starts, it comes fast. I assume it is some sort of a server issue 
> at their end at Fastly, perhaps they have a dead machine in the pool 
> which makes it intermittent.
> As I am building an automated server init, this means that instead of 
> having a server provisioned in <5 min, it can take 20-35 mins, by which 
> time it is not even considered to exist by the load balancer.
> Is this common? Should I start (somehow) specifying individual mirrors 
> directly? Thank you very much for your wisdom.


This is not common and was caused by a configuration issue during some 
testing that I've been doing to (ironically) try to improve response 

Would you be able to try this once more?  I've made an edit which should 
drastically change the experience for you.


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