Clearing subversion issue

Kevin Oberman rkoberman at
Fri Oct 27 05:52:07 UTC 2017

I am trying to update my ports. Two ports, print/freetype2 and
www/linux-c6-flashplugin11. The latter port was deleted some time ago and
does not exist in my tree. The former is one that I had manually patched.

Instead of resolving conflicts cleanly, I simply deleted all of the port
and run "svn up". It ran cleanly, but one file was not downloaded, the
recently added patch.

I ran "svn status" which returns:
D     C print/freetype2/files/extra-patch-fix_size_metrics.diff
      >   local unversioned, incoming file add upon update
!     C www/linux-c6-flashplugin11
      >   local dir edit, incoming dir delete or move upon update
!       www/linux-c6-flashplugin11/Makefile
!       www/linux-c6-flashplugin11/distinfo
!       www/linux-c6-flashplugin11/pkg-descr
!       www/linux-c6-flashplugin11/pkg-message
!       www/linux-c6-flashplugin11/pkg-plist

I have no idea what triggered the flashplugin11 issue. It's been gone for a
long time, but this is the first time I have run a status on ports in a
very long time.

I suspect that there is an easy to fix these, but I have yet to find it.
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