snapshots contain no data.

James B. Byrne byrnejb at
Mon Oct 23 19:30:14 UTC 2017

On Mon, October 23, 2017 15:19, Ultima wrote:
> Hello James,
> I'm not really sure what your expecting to see with ls, but I'll give
> you some tips and hopefully it will help.

The examples I could find respecting searching for a file in a
snapshot never seemed to manage to note that one first must mount a
snapshot before doing anything with it; and I somehow overlooked that
significant detail in my other readings.

> These snapshots can be mounted like so:
> "mount -t zfs zroot at SNAPSHOT /mnt" replace SNAPSHOT with a actual
> snapshot, in this case something like 2017-10-10_12.10.00--14d should
> work.

mount -t zfs zroot at 2017-10-10_11.10.00--14d /mnt/snapshot
mount: zroot at 2017-10-10_11.10.00--14d: Device busy

What does this mean, besides the patently obvious, and how it is
resolved?  What I am trying to do is retrieve one file from the
initial snapshot.

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