Rcorder/rc.conf question on FILESYSTEMS and tmp

Christopher Sean Hilton chris at vindaloo.com
Wed Oct 18 17:05:51 UTC 2017

In my other question I asked if I should use a swap backed, /dev/md
based tmpfs for /tmp. The actual problem that brings up the issue is
this: When I reconfigured my system from zfs based /tmp to swap back
/dev/md based tmpfs, I screwed up the permissions on the "/tmp"
directory. This caused slapd to fail at startup time because it
couldn't create some file or something in /tmp. I've fixed the problem
and moved on but this leaves a question:

     1) Shouldn't /etc/rc.d/FILESYSTEMS require "tmp" before it starts

My usage requires slapd so I can patch this for now by adding "tmp" to
slapd's requirements but I'm very interested in the answer to the
reasons behind this question if the answer is "no". If the answer is
yes, then I just owe you a well written bug report.


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