Slow xorg after upgrade

Chris Hill chris at
Wed Oct 18 01:16:36 UTC 2017

Hello list,

Two days ago I had to upgrade xorg (long story). Since then, it seems 
that text entry is laggy, as if the xterm - or any application, for that 
matter - can't keep up with my typing. It feels like the old days of 
typing on an ASR-33; there is a lag of less than one second between 
typing a character and it appearing on screen. Sometimes when text 
draws, I see a moment of raster-looking junk. This is especially visible 
in text that updates from a program, such as the in-progress statistics 
from fetch. Or even when pasting text via middle-click. Or even when 
moving the cursor with the arrow keys while writing this email.

Is this just an example of new software being more more bloated? It 
seems to me that under the old regime things were snappy-quick.

Before: xorg-7.7_1
After: xorg-7.7_3

Both: fvwm-2.6.5_7

$ uname -mriKv 
10.3-RELEASE-p11 FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p11 #0: Mon Oct 24 18:49:24 UTC 
2016     root at 
amd64 GENERIC 1003000

Thank you.

Chris Hill               chris at
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