How to recover data from dead hard drive.

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Sat Oct 14 20:21:25 UTC 2017

Interesting thread.

I have a similar problem, this time with a failing (now failed) disk
that had freebsd-11-stable installed with the root-on-ZFS option. I
manged to dd over ssh an image of the disk. However, I've not been able
yet to mount the image to get the data. I think it's ZFS in the image 
that's causing the issue. I've tried to spin up the image in bhyve on
another system. It gets past the demon graphic, tries to boot but drops 
to the mountroot or mfsroot (can't remember exactly) prompt. No matter
what I enter there, it still won't boot. What it defaults to is what
it used successfully when it was on the (now failed) hardware.

Can anyone tell me how to mount and recover the image? 

many thanks,

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