forcing new dynamic ip address

RW rwmaillists at
Sat Oct 14 18:28:41 UTC 2017

On Fri, 13 Oct 2017 12:18:55 +0100
Frank Leonhardt (m) wrote:

> On 8 October 2017 13:37:30 BST, Erwan David <erwan at> wrote:

> >DHCP protocol states
> Hate to be a pendent, but it may not be a DHCP server giving you the
> IP address unless you're running Ethernet. In some parts of the world
> people do run PPPoE instead of ATM, so it might conceivability work
> this way. 

AFAIK PPPoE uses LCP. I would have thought the distinction would be
between PPP variants using LCP and bridging using DHCP. 
> Most DSL use LCP to configure IP address IME. Once you go
> past the modem socket it doesn't look like Kansas any more. 


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